Cecilia Ramos better known as Ceci, with her unique personality in the styling and esthetics scene, her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to be one of the most recognized stylists in the industry in Florida. Her entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to be one of the most recognized stylists in Florida, and since childhood, Cecilia expressed her great capacity for styling and beauty in her native Colombia. At only 13 years old, she was able to attend a Beauty Academy, creating a milestone by being the first student to obtain a technical degree in Cosmetology and beauty. It was not easy to have her first clients, given her age and little experience. At the age of 14 she managed to find an opportunity. Her mix of spontaneity, gentleness in customer service allowed her to provide confidence and achieve positioning based on the quality of her service and good execution.

With more than 30 years in the world of styling and beauty, Cecilia is already one of the most relevant stylists in Florida, in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami as Key Biscayne, where she already has 3 beauty salons-spa and 1 in River Landing Mall. At the age of 18, in his native Colombia, he managed to acquire his own salon. In 1999 she turned her life around and moved to the United States, with the idea of starting a new stage and like all immigrants she started from scratch.

Looking for opportunities in this country, she met the French Jean-Claude who would give her her first great opportunity and further consolidate her learning, and by the year 2006, Cecila decided to open her first salon Ceci Spa Key Biscayne in Florida, 2008 B.care, 2016 Color hair sps, and 2023 Ceci Spa River Landing. However, the passion for beautifying people is part of the essence of Ceci who continues to work and travel to specialize, and to empower her team with new techniques and offer services with the latest trends in the world of beauty.