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Blond Absolu Shampoo Lumiere 250ml

Blond Absolu Shampoo Lumiere 250ml


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Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo for Blonde Hair

Are you tired of your dry, brittle, and dull blonde hair? Do you hate how frizz ruins your style? If so, you need to try the new hyaluronic acid shampoo for blonde hair.

This shampoo is specially formulated to hydrate and protect bleached, highlighted, or gray hair. Its lightweight formula cleanses gently without drying, and its hyaluronic acid infusion helps to retain moisture for soft, shiny hair.

Plus, the shampoo contains antioxidants that help to prevent damage and protect hair fibers. The result is stronger, healthier hair with a natural shine.


  • Deeply hydrates blonde hair
  • Smooths fibers for a uniform finish
  • Prevents damage and protects hair fibers
  • Adds natural shine
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