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Blond Absolu Shampoo Ultraviolet 250ml

Blond Absolu Shampoo Ultraviolet 250ml


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Shampoo for Blonde and Gray Hair

Tired of dull, yellow blonde hair?

Violet Shampoo is the perfect product for you.

With its formula enriched with neutralizing agents, this shampoo instantly removes unwanted yellow and orange tones, leaving your hair with a cool, shiny tone.

In addition, Violet Shampoo protects your hair from oxidation and pollution, keeping your color longer.

Its ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and snowdrop, deeply nourish the hair fiber, providing shine, softness, and manageability.


  • Removes unwanted yellow and orange tones
  • Leaves hair with a cool, shiny tone
  • Protects hair from oxidation and pollution
  • Deeply nourishes the hair fiber
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