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Chroma Absolu Fondant Cica Chroma 200ml

Chroma Absolu Fondant Cica Chroma 200ml


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Fondant Cica Chroma: The Conditioner Your Dyed Hair Needs

Do you have colored, damaged, or sensitive hair? Do you want your color to last longer and your hair to look soft and shiny? If so, Fondant Cica Chroma is the perfect conditioner for you.

Fondant Cica Chroma is a powerful anti-porosity strengthening conditioner that is specially formulated for fine to medium hair. Its formula, rich in amino acids and Centella Asiatica, penetrates deep into the hair fiber to repair damage, strengthen strands, and reduce porosity.

What are the benefits of Fondant Cica Chroma?

  • Repairs damage: Amino acids and Centella Asiatica help repair damage caused by dye, heat, and other environmental factors.
  • Strengthens strands: 86% of women who used Fondant Cica Chroma noticed that their strands were stronger.
  • Reduces porosity: Reduced porosity helps color last longer and hair look shinier.
  • Protects color: The advanced formula helps protect hair from the stripping properties of water.
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