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Discipline Huile Oleo Relax 100ml

Discipline Huile Oleo Relax 100ml


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Do you have unruly, frizzy hair that gets puffy in humidity? Would you like to have a perfect hairstyle all day long, no matter the weather conditions? Then, the Morpho-Oil texturizing oil is the perfect product for you.

This lightweight oil is composed of a complex of 3 key oils that permanently control frizz and humidity volume. Thanks to this, it provides 24 hours of hair manageability, even under 80% humidity.

In addition, Morpho-Oil protects hair from damage with thermal protection up to 230° C. This makes it the perfect first step for any thermal styling.

Finally, this deeply nourishing hair oil seals moisture in the fiber, ensuring that hair is smooth and even from root to tip.


  • Controls frizz and humidity for 24 hours
  • Keeps the hairstyle perfect even in adverse weather conditions
  • Protects hair from thermal damage
  • Nourishes hair for a smooth and even finish
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