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Nutritive Shampoo Satin1 250ml

Nutritive Shampoo Satin1 250ml

Ceci Spa Hair Nails

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Bain Satin 1, Kérastase's nourishing shampoo.

Bain Satin 1 is designed for normal to slightly dry hair. Its active ingredients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and iris extract, nourish the hair fiber from root to tip, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable.

Bain Satin 1 has a creamy and lightweight texture that rinses off easily. It is perfect for everyday use as it does not weigh down the hair.

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy hair? Try Bain Satin 1 and see the difference.

Here are some key benefits of Bain Satin 1:

  • Nourishes the hair fiber from root to tip
  • Restores softness and shine to hair
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Suitable for daily use
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