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Resistance Serum Therapiste 30ml

Resistance Serum Therapiste 30ml

Ceci Spa Hair Nails

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Sérum Thérapiste: The best ally for damaged and processed hair

Do you have badly damaged and processed hair, with split ends and dull, lifeless hair? Serum Thérapiste is the solution for you!

This dual-action serum repairs and strengthens damaged hair while protecting it from the heat of styling tools. Its innovative formula combines a repairing cream with a protective serum to give your hair maximum protection and care.

Sérum Thérapiste instantly repairs the hair fiber, strengthens and smoothes its surface, and makes blow-drying easier and faster. In addition, it seals the ends of the hair to prevent split ends.

With Sérum Thérapiste, you can enjoy healthier, shinier and more manageable hair, no matter how damaged it is.

Why buy Sérum Thérapiste?
  • Repairs damaged hair instantly
  • Strengthens and smoothes the surface of the hair fiber
  • Facilitates and accelerates blow-drying
  • Seals hair ends to prevent split ends
  • Protects hair from the heat of styling tools
  • Leaves hair healthier, shinier and more manageable
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